Thirty-One Days Has January, Thirty-One Knitted Hats Has Jessica

I love to knit! And hats are my very favorite thing to knit. I’ve knitted sweaters, but after weeks and months devoted to knitting sweaters, they rarely fit. I’ve knitted blankets and bags, but blankets are another big commitment and I’m not much of a bag person. I also like to knit scarves, but they can easily get boring because they seldom increase or decrease stitches. So hats are the hands-down winner in my book.

I started to knit in 2006. My mom showed me the basics, and I taught myself the rest mostly through Debbie Stoller’s fabulous book Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook. I had a background in crocheting but never felt that crocheting was my thing (although I’ve recently been inspired to try it again). I like knitting because there is less of a question about where the next stitch is supposed to go, and I like the simple look of stockinette stitch – the fancy frilliness of crocheting doesn’t appeal to me as much.

Over the past five years, I’ve knitted a lot of hats. Many I’ve given away to friends and family and many I’ve kept for myself. The result is that I have a lot more hats than I know what to do with. And many of them fall to the bottom of my closet and I forget to wear them. Recently, I was wondering whether I’ve knitted enough hats for myself to wear one each day of the month. Counting the best of them (there are a couple of utter failures that I would never wear in public), I have 29 hats and an assortment of matching scarves. Almost enough to wear one each day of the month of January (and the other two I can easily complete before the month is over). Thus this experiment was born.

I will wear a different hat each day of the month of January and post photos of the hat that I wear on this blog. In most cases, I took the pictures of the hats beforehand because I usually rush so much in the morning that I wouldn’t have time to take a picture then and there. The only cases of photos taken at a later date are if the original photos were too blurry (which ended up being more than a photographer should admit) or for the two hats that I will make during the month.

Many of the most simple hats I’ve figured out how to make on my own. I generally like to make simple patterns to display the beautiful textures of the yarns. For other, more complicated designs, I’ve used a pattern from a book, magazine, or website and I will try to cite those sources. I will give a basic explanation each day about the hat and yarn, if I can remember what kind it is. The one thing I most wish is that I saved the yarn information.

So let January, the month of thirty-one hats, begin!

Disclaimer: I am not attempting to sell any of these hats. I never have sold any of my knitted projects. I do them for personal enjoyment and use, and although I’m still not sure what my purpose of posting them on this blog is – I think it is to help spread the joy of knitting and my experiences, insights, and struggles throughout my years of knitting – I am not claiming that many of these creations are my own. In the case of copyrighted hats, I only want to showcase how fabulous the original pattern is. Thank you.


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